OHW 2K Clear Coat is now available in Aerosol.

This aerosol can holds over 14 ounces of high-quality, professional grade OHW Clear Coat. This revolutionary aerosol design features an inner chamber that releases the clear activator/hardener once a button is pressed. The innovative nozzle design sprays like a gun with a broad spray pattern and a smooth flow that delivers professional results.

Simply shake the can, insert the red button onto the receiver found on the bottom of the can, shake again and spray some of the glossiest, shinest, wettest looking clear you will find on the market (also available in semi and matte). The clear remains activated and ready to spray for approximately 4 hours. You MUST use the can within this timeframe as the clear is activated and will harden.

This professional grade long-lasting clear has a built in flex agent, UV inhibitors and offers superior protection.

For those looking for a decorative clear (for parts that don't need chemical, weather or fuel resistance) please find our Standard Clear Aerosols.