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    OHW Paint Company offers a limited number of training sessions throughout the year. These sessions are designed for all skill levels and teach you how to dip and how to paint -- from applying the basecoat, to dipping the part and laying down the clear.  



    Jason Jones has been professionally armed with a spray gun for over 30 years. His projects range from show-winning custom cars, airbrush artwork for the Disney, murals for international nightclubs and restaurants and private commissions for collectors.  

    His work has been showcased at SEMA and in numerous juried and solo exhibits. In addition, Jason painted the Grand-Am championship winning Kia Forte Koups and was responsible for their OEM, 10-year warrantied, hydrodipped parts.


    "A great course and very professionally presented. I learned a whole lot. Thanks to the whole OHW crew and fellow students for a great time." - D. Wilson, Lebanon Gun Shop

    "I can't possibly remember all the good that I learned from taking the class, but I can tell you that it made me sooooo much better at my occupation. Not only did Jason take the time to make sure everyone knew exactly what they were doing, he also explained why it needed to be done that way, and what would happen if it wasn't. He was more informative than I ever could have imagined. He also gave us several "trade secrets" that he's learned over the past 30 years. Best teacher by far. I've taken other "courses", even more expensive ones, but I'll tell you first hand I wish I would've waited and found out about OHW sooner! Outstanding people, outstanding product, what more could you ask for? I'll tell you this, and if this doesn't prove it to you then nothing will. I was having a problem with a specific item in my shop. Not only did JJ try to help me with it, he got me to bring it to the class and we addressed it, and solved it there. I'm telling you I can't rave enough about these guys. Sorry for the long post, but others out there need to know how great this company is and don't even think twice about doing your business with them. Thanks again guys, much love!" --R. Nelson

    "The OHW dip class is much more than just putting stuff in the water. We brought things we having problems with and we learn how to work through them. So many questions I had were answered and explained. The class covered a lot of information and techniques we didn't know and confirmed some we did. If you are concerned whether if this class is worth it or not it is. It's the best investment you can make for your business. They give you techniques and answers you can use in a real world environment. I also paid for my employees another class that I felt was not as informative as this one. Thank you OHW for the experience.” --D. Blair

    "I went to OHW's paint and dip class with my wife, both of us having very little experience with either. We were a little apprehensive, but the welcoming family atmosphere quickly put us at ease. The facility was top notch, and the innovative equipment was perfect for teaching.Over the course of two days we learned far more than we expected.  The instructors were outstanding, and the limited class size provided plenty of time for one on one instruction. Not only did we learn all the aspects of painting and dipping, but we got something else just as valuable- confidence.  We highly recommend this class no matter what skill level you may be.  As a bonus, we made some great friends!"--P.Dolan

    “Amazing training session! Everyone there was fantastic and really took the time to personalize the training to everyone's specific needs. I was super excited to get back to my own shop and apply all the knowledge I had picked up at OHW's class. Since then I have had ZERO issues that weren't easily fixed thanks to what I learned. Thank you again OHW team for the chance to learn from real professionals!"--T. Harms, Custom North

    "I drove to the OHW warehouse all the way from Canada because I know they are the BEST of the BEST. While attending their 2 day workshop not only did I learn how to dip, I learned things that are just too difficult to learn from any youtube video, such as: how to prep your part and paint it, set up your activator and paint guns, what products work best for what you’re doing and what issues can arise while doing a job and how to overcome them. The OHW team is amazing. They help you no matter what your experience level is and no question is stupid. Even when returning home they are there for any questions you have and will help you the best they can. Overall, if you are trying to start dipping or even if you have experience already, this course can teach you so much more about films, your process and all of your equipment. They are the best at what they do and they will train you to be the same."--R. Mullins

    "This was a great class and I would recommend it to anyone." - B. Hluchy
    “If you want a true, hands-on, professional painting and hydrographics training course, OHW is the BEST of the BEST. I have very little experience and these 2 days were truly amazing. Jason and staff made sure that everyone had a full understanding of each process and insured that everyone was gaining knowledge and expertise in a class that had students with every level of experience from novice to professional. This training is absolutely worth it and I can’t imagine what my business would be like if I hadn’t had this experience. Top it off with the best paints, films, and clears that you will find. Truly amazing!!!!--J.Blakely, Patriot Hydrographics

    "When I made a tank/equipment/training purchase from a large hydrographics company in July 2016 I had no idea that I would be unable to replicate what we did in class. To say that I was frustrated was an under statement. Fast forward to April 2017 and finally after 9 months, success:-) The activator/paint guns and the compressor setups are the most crucial part of this art form. If they are off even a little, then it's game over before you even begin.  Thanks to Jason and the rest of the OHW team, I am now able to dip successfully at around a 95%.  Painting has improved dramatically and I am creating product offerings that my clients are looking for.  If you want to succeed in hydrographics then you need to receive training from a master and who better to train you than the man who makes and blends all of the outstanding paints offered by OHW.  The professionalism and attention to detail demonstrated by OHW will take your business to the next level guaranteed!!--T.Dunn, American Designs, Inc.

    "Just wanted to thank the entire crew at OHW for being extremely professional and attentive during the training classes. Everyone at OHW is dedicated to running a first class operation. The training weekend will definitely help take our business to the next level. Thanks. We had a blast and met some good people too!! Highly recommended..."--Vince, Westchester Powdercoating & Hydrographics

    “I REALLY enjoyed the class. I feel like I learned a massive amount in a short time.  Skills that I can use whether I ever dip again or not. Having never dipped anything or having never seen it done in person, this class was exactly what I needed to help me get started.  I have already successfully removed scratches from my car’s clear coat using what I learned in class.  Thanks to you all for a great class and a great time. Very profession and very well done.  Awesome!!!" --T. Truett

    Had an awesome time, can't wait to use all the knowledge we gained..!!! Thanks OHW..!!!" --S.Moore

    "Your products make this process much easier. Y'all were awesome at the class. I had a great time and very glad I made it up there." - M. Smith

    "I attended OHW’s 2 day training with no experience with spray guns and definitely a low level of confidence. Day one included prep work on a variety of materials followed by one-on-one help setting up our guns, laying paint on various items and finally some hands on dipping in OHW’s custom glass tank (it's sweet). By the time day one was over, my confidence was soaring compared to the beginning of the day. Day two included learning to lay down OHW’s 2k clear from a gun and aerosol format. The aerosol lays down just as nice as in the gun. We finished out the last half of the day with more dipping and learning techniques on how to remove trash in our clear. I have gone from not really sure of myself, to very anxious to get set up so I can start laying down paint. If you are looking to get into the business I personally recommend coming on down to see the fine folks at OHW, people who really do care about us being successful with this industry. I quote Jason Jones, “We are in the business to make you successful painters. Not to sell you a ton of paint. Who does that? Let me answer that, OHW DOES BROTHERS AND SISTERS!” P.S. I shared pictures of my work I did in class and I have 3 potential customers already. Just thought I would include that. #ohw4life --S.Wolf

    "I want to say thank you to OHW for a great class! Even though I've been in the sign industry for many years, I learned a great deal about painting technique and spray gun setup. It's amazing how much proper painting technique affects dip quality. The dipping and activator application portions of the class were very helpful as well. It was well worth the trip!"--Dale Hanna, Liquid Mirage Hydrographics

    "Very informational class. Jason is very knowledgeable and pleasant. OHW paint is so nice to work with I had to order some as soon as I got home. Been dipping a lot of parts with it and LOVE IT!!" --K. Scray, N. E.W. Hydrographics

    "I came into this class with very little knowledge of painting and dipping. I came out feeling like I could do anything! JJ was a very good instructor. He was very informative and took the time to work with every one of us individually. This class was well worth the time and money and I would highly recommend it to everyone." --Matt

    The OHW course is one of the best training classes I have ever taken and well worth every penny. Actually, I feel like I robbed them with all the information and knowledge that was bestowed upon me for the price I paid. It was unbelievable. From the first day, when all the steps were explained to me, and the reasons behind them; until the hands on training which gave me the confidence, experience and techniques I need to create superior quality products for my customers. I recommend this class to everyone in the business as a must have." --Damian Sr., Hydro Custom Print

    "The OHW class is one of the best investments I have made for my company. By lunch on the first day of class I had already learned how to avoid the problems that had (up to this point) caused me so much grief in my painting and dipping process.  From start to finish, I learned how to make my business succeed and how to achieve high quality professionally dipped items. I would recommend this class to anyone in the business. I want to truly thank you for having the class it was a success!" --Phillip, Slickdip Hydrographics

    "JJ is an amazing teacher, with an amazing amount of wisdom to offer up. To anyone reading this who is new to hydrographics or painting and have been thinking that you can just learn everything yourself...take the class. I had the same thoughts also but this very affordable class was a game changer. You will walk away feeling so much more confident in your work. Knowing that you will be able to spray activator, base, and finish it off with a clear that you can see yourself in, was well worth the $ for the class. You will easily make that money back in time and materials that you will stop wasting. One Hit Wonder is an AMAZING paint. The price is good, quality is great, and the time saving is amazing.  I could go on all night about how wonderful I think the training class and One Hit Wonder are. Thanks for everything JJ." --Jason, Liquid Imaging 

    "I really enjoyed the class! The 10 hour drive was completely worth it. Within the first 20 minutes I learned where my mistakes were coming from. I feel MUCH more comfortable with every aspect of painting, dipping, and clear coating! Jason is a wealth of knowledge and an excellent teacher! He organized the class on what I needed work on and gave me plenty of practice on any area I was struggling with. I was committed to using OHW paint before taking the class, but now there is no way I'll ever shop elsewhere.  I would urge anyone on the fence to take the leap and schedule a class - they won't regret it!!" --P.Hale

    "I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with our class this week.  If we had this type of information and training available when we started dipping several years ago I guarantee you we would not have stopped. JJ is an excellent instructor and knowledgeable about dipping and painting. I liked the fact we were able to get hands on training. We learn better that way. JJ was able to explain the process, the dip angles and what we were to look for. The dipping actually makes sense now. It’s impossible to explain how beneficial this class was to us. We were able to spend time where we needed it. It’s also reassuring that JJ is just a phone call away if we run into a problem. If anyone has any reservations as to whether this class is worth it give them my number, shop or cell, and have them call me." --D. Gaines, Procoat Plus LLC 

    Great class, well worth the 4,000 mile trip over from the UK! We have be dabbling in hydrographics as an additional service to our customers and had relied on teaching ourselves and learning from mistakes – which there were plenty of!   The OHW Paint and Dip class has given me the confidence and skills to really be able to offer a first grade service to our customers. JJ is an experienced hydrographics practitioner and paint refinisher and his hands on approach was just what I needed. He was able to gauge the training at the right level for me and provide me with a bucket load of top tips. Hopefully we can get OHW paint in the UK soon as it is a cracking product which will speed up my turnaround time and increase my output. Thanks to JJ and Kerry arranging the class to fit in with my travel plans – Great to meet you guys and be part of the OHW experience!" --C. Brown

    My wife saw the Hydrographic process in Texas while at a family wedding. We decided to invest a little money and try to start a small side business. I spent countless hours on forums, watching YouTube videos and taking notes. Had some mixed success and was so busy at work I decided to turn to Jason for some training. The thing I like the most was OHW asked for my input in the training and designed a class for my skills and lack of skills. Not some cookie cutter class, but was tailored to what I felt would help me succeed.  Small details like how I had a slight angle when applying activator that left uneven application. A little trick to testing a small piece of new film to check if the activator was the correct amount or not... didn't find that on YouTube. Gun set-up tips, that I had never saw on YouTube... Can't wait to get back home and get to dipping. I figure any small business should be about to re-coup the cost of the class in a short time, when you factor in the loss materials and time trying to figure out some of these things on your own.  Great investment."--R. Dellinger