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    We are here to help

    Feel free to give us a call or text with any questions you have. In the meantime, here are some questions we are frequently asked.


    What is One Hit Wonder or "OHW” Paint?

    One Hit Wonder is a ready-to-spray, solvent-based paint that goes direct to virtually every substrate without the need for reducers, primers or adhesion promoters. A high-quality, automotive grade basecoat, One Hit Wonder can be used with or without applying hydrographic film.

    One Hit Wonder is only sold through OHW Paint Co.

    Do I need to purchase a reducer or primer with OHW?

    No. One Hit Wonder comes ready-to-spray and does not require additional reducers or primers.  

    Please note that One Hit Wonder has been designed with dense resins, binders and pigments which can settle at the bottom of the can so it is important to stir and/or shake thoroughly before spraying, in order to achieve maximum potential.

    Can I spray One Hit Wonder direct to Plastic*? Metal? Stainless Steel? Chrome? Wood? Bone? Fiberglass? Glass?

    Yes. One Hit Wonder goes direct to virtually all substrates after a degrease, scuff, and tack cloth. For glass, you can degrease, scuff and tack cloth but media blast is best. Open grained woods should be sealed first to prevent water entry and future warping.

    *HDPE plastics require flame treatment before degrease and scuff for all proper paint applications. How can you tell if it is HDPE? Check for a stamp, ask the manufacturer or try an acetone test. Take a cloth with acetone and rub it on the plastic in a hidden spot. If the plastic reacts in any way (goes tacky or matte) it is most likely not HDPE.

    Can I spray One Hit Wonder over other paints?

    As long as the paints are dry, and free from silicone or oily residues and contaminants, you should be able to degrease, scuff, tack cloth, and spray.

    Can I use One Hit Wonder as a primer?

    Yes. If there is a specific color of One Hit Wonder that is unavailable*, then it can be used as a primer for other paints. One Hit Wonder will accept both solvent and water-based paints.

    *We do mix custom colors on request. Please contact us (text/voice) for more information at 305-318-1459.

    How do I prep my part before painting?

    Like all proper paint applications, One Hit Wonder requires a clean surface to adhere to.

    Click here to download the application guide (also included with each order).  

    How do I apply One Hit Wonder?

    One Hit Wonder paint is designed to spray using a 1.3-1.4 tip @ 22 PSI (unless using our aerosol). For a simple step-by-step please click here to download the application guide.

    How long can the part remain “uncleared” after dipping? 

    We have tested a successful 14-day period between dipping and applying clear coat.

    What clear coats work with One Hit Wonder?

    In addition to our OHW clear coats, most professional grade automotive 2 part clears will work fine with One Hit Wonder paint.

    What is the temperature threshold for One Hit Wonder?

    One Hit Wonder has been tested up to 400 degrees and can be used for valve covers and engine parts, as long as it is not the hot side of a turbo or an exhaust header you'll be ok.

    What do I do with leftovers? How do I clean my gun?

    Pour any leftover paint back into the can and reseal. You can use acetone or any inexpensive lacquer thinner to clean your spray gun.

    How long is the shelf life of One Hit Wonder?

    As long as it’s kept in a sealed can in moderate temperatures, indefinite.

    Can you create a custom mixed One Hit Wonder color?

    Yes. Besides fluorescents, we can mix a 1-quart minimum if you send us a swatch. There is no custom mix fee.

    What is One Hit Wonder paint 2.0"?

    In March 2016 we updated the One Hit Wonder formula to be more resistant to activator (no more soft/tacky paint). All One Hit Wonder paint purchased after March 28, 2016 is the new 2.0 formula.

    Also, in March 2017 we retired our original label (spaceman) and debuted a new cobra design. The paint formula remained the same.  


    What is hydrographics?

    Click here for an easy step-by-step guide to hydrographics.

    Do you sell film?

    While our focus has always been providing the best chemicals for the hydrographic process, we also understand the convenience of a one-stop-shop for supplies so we are excited to offer more film to our growing inventory that you can find here. What film patterns do you want to see in our shop? Contact us and let us know!

    Can I visit  your shop?

    OHW Paint is a working warehouse not a retail location but we are happy to arrange for order pick-ups, just call us at 305-318-1459 to schedule a time.

    Where are you located?

    Our warehouse is located in (and all orders ship from) Suwanee, GA about 35 miles north of Atlanta. Please note that order pick ups are by appointment only.

    When will my order ship?

    Most orders ship the same or next business day via UPS Ground. Please click here for transit times.


    GENERAL/SALES: 305-318-1459

    TECHNICAL ISSUES: 305-318-1468



    We painted 2 aluminum cans with One Hit Wonder, 3 days later we dipped them and once dried we cleared them using OHW Gloss and Matte Clears. The pictures show that with the thinnest of surfaces, there was absolutely no de-lamination of paint, film or clear to any extent. This is why I use OHW Paint! Thanks again for all you do for the hydrographic industry!



    I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service. Sending me a text on a Sunday to check what clear I wanted after I forgot to order with my paint goes above and beyond. I plan on switching over completely to your paint loved how it sprayed and dipped. This motorcycle was done in One Hit Wonder Muddy Girl and OHW Gloss Clear.