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    This is why we do what we do. Have a story to share? We would love to hear it.

    The OHW Dip Kit Gets a Test Drive from


    "If you're interested in doing this at home, the OHW Kit is as complete as it gets, very affordable and I'm confident you're far more talented than I am. If I can pull this off, trust me, you can do it better."

    The Proof is in the Pudding

    Been using OHW Paint for about 3 years or so now. The proof is in the pudding! OHW has never failed me and that's why I am a loyal customer. Top quality materials help get the job done and done right and that's what OHW delivers. Quality always! Just wanted to share some of my work and thank OHW once again for your amazing products and incredible customer service.


    Great stuff! Easy to spray, humongous dip window, direct to plastic and metal.


    I am new to dipping but have been painting professionally for 18 years. OHW is a very user friendly product. It lays out like glass and sticks.


    Thank you very much for the absurdly over the top customer service, you have made my life much much easier.


    Holy cripes!!!! This paint is so much easier to use and film adheres to it like glue! Its almost like a magnet for the film no joke!!


    Awesome Service

    Used One Hit Wonder basecoat and OHW clear coat. [OHW Paint] has the best products. Thank you for your awesome service.


    Best Paint on the Market

    Fantastic product! I wanted to tell you firsthand that your product is absolutely phenomenal. The metallics really pop. Hands down the best paint on the market!


    Speedy Custom Color

    I just wanted to reach out and say thank you guys for the awesome paints you offer and the amazing customer service. I was looking for a specific color paint that I couldn't find on the website, so I decided to call and 5min later my order was being placed for the WTP 874!


    I would not have believed your OHW paint had I not sprayed it myself and the clear is awesome. We went from prep to paint to dipping in less than 20 minutes and it actually worked.  I have never (and I have painted many years) seen a clear that lies down like your clear, the parts look like they were dipped in glass.


    Been using OHW since we started in the hydrographic industry. Tried using other paints but nothing compared. Love the product.


    Could not be happier with OHW. Wanna talk about saving time and money!


    I want to take this moment to let you know what a GREAT product you have. I have never painted before I started doing hydrographics.  A friend of mine stopped over who has been painting for years couldn't believe how good my projects looked for being a newbie. He said it looked like I have been painting for years. Thanks again!!!! :-)


    Awesome Stuff!

    Entire bike with One Hit Wonder paints, clears and intercoats. Awesome stuff!


    Top Notch Customer Service

    Just wanted to share a Harley job I did using One Hit Wonder Blue and OHW 2K Clear, your product is awesome to work with. I switched to OHW a few months ago and had great results on every job. Thank you for offering a great product. Looking forward to doing a lot of business with you all. And the customer service is top notch, any questions are responded to quickly and knowledgeably. Your advice has been great on getting my company to succeed.



    This came out sweet thanks to your products!


    Thank You! Thank You! I fired up my tank this weekend for my first time dipping. I wanted to test my skills and different paint options—automotive, water based and OHW. Your paints came out on top. Every dip with OHW came out perfect.  The water based paints had a hard time sticking on curves and with OHW… not one problem. The automotive paints were so expensive I do not know how to make any money using them. OHW works awesome on plastic and metal parts. I will be using your paints for a long time.


    Great product!! I have had no problems at ALL with it, covers really good, dips good, rinses good and clears good. I use it on alum sheet metal valve covers (DTM) I do small production for a race engine company and it saves me a ton of time. I now have a new customer I'm doing many football helmets for and it is working out great as well. I will be using it on the golf carts we are doing in camo as well.


    We love the paints! We do a lot of production runs for a prosthetic company and we are going to start using your paint exclusively because it saves a ton of time on prep and it lays down so nice! The (prosthetic) company tested a few L shaped springs we dipped using your paint and high gloss clear, they flexed it 3 million times over 30 days and it looked perfect after the test! We’re a big fan of your products!


    Love them paints [and the] customer service is out of this world.


    Like it Was Dipped in Glass

    Thank you for all your awesome products and customer service. My little side business is making me some great money. I love seeing the look on the customers face when I hand them finished product that was clear coated with OHW Clear. Yesterday the response from my customer was OMG it looks like it was dipped in glass! :)


    Makes Things Easier

    I've been using OHW Paint for a while now and love it! It makes the hydrographic part of my business much easier.


    Clear Lays Out Smooth

    I thought I would share this one we just did for a Black Corvette LS 2. We used your new Synergy Green under snake print and cleared it with your clear. I am always amazed at how well the clear lays down, even on rough surfaces like engine components. Even though these parts are textured from the manufacturer like sandpaper, your clear still manages to lay it out almost smooth over this surface. Another reason we use only OHW products.


    All I can say about you and your products while keeping it E is WOW. Everything that it said it would be, is truly wonderful! Amazing customer service and a stunning product... Watching all of the videos gave me the tools and insight to eventually complete my projects. I have only done a few tests before the big show down this weekend but everything so far has come out amazing (short of my own errors). Thank you so much, I cannot wait to get my venture going I will be ordering so much more in the future for all of my needs!


    Really like all your stuff. And I might also add best customer support ever.


    You guys are absolutely awesome!! I'll never spray anything else besides your products. I just started doing this a little while back, and I've been able to avoid all the little adhesion and paint problems I've read about on all the forums because of your products. Thanks again for all the help.


    I just want to tell you this is the best customer service I have received in 20 years.  Thank you so much!


    First Place

    I just wanted to send in a quick picture of my son's winning pinewood derby car with OHW Paint. We used Synergy Green, Metallic Silver, and Graphite with alligator skin. It took 1st overall and all of the compliments.

    J. WOODS

    The Best

    You guys, again, are the best.


    OHW Makes the Job

    I love your product! Great paint, great clears! They make the job. This is a Glock 26 using OHW Robin's Egg Blue and Graphite - Silver Lillies.


    First go with OHW paint loved the results! Not only with graphics but coverage was awesome. No primer and used less paint than I normally do with other paints.

    B. ENGLE

    I used nothing but a scotch bright on some chrome and did the adhesion test after spraying and it actually took the sticky part off of some bad a$$ duct tape. Not the cheap 1 $ a roll stuff. Bottom line is OHW will stick to butter. I've tried other more expensive paints and they don't come close.


    I brag about your paints to everyone. It's unbelievable paint.


    Also this paint is absolutely amazing. I was having issues with other paints and the patterns not sticking, just finished some AR-15 parts and only one dip with no flaws. Will definitely be ordering more.


    Love Your Product

    A picture of my bike with OHW Paint.

    Love your product!!


    100% Best Hydrographic Paint

    My first dip that was a sucess. Thanks for your awesome base colors and clears. 100% Best hydrographic paint on the market. Thanks for all you guys do.

    J. NEVIT

    Awesome Products

    Robins Egg, Sea Foam, Light Army Green, and Metallic Brite Gold One Hit Wonder with OHW 2K Clear. Awesome products.


    I won't use any other paint besides yours, you have a phenomenal product.


    OHW covers amazing. It is very misleading when you pour it into the gun for the first time because it appears to have the density of water. This makes it spray very well. I have covered jet black parts with 2 coats of white with no sign of the original color showing.  My personal experience with OHW has been nothing but positive and it is my go-to paint when the application demands a solid base. The price is higher than some others on the market but it is worth the confidence I have when that part hits the water. And it covers very well so it doesn't take much to get the job done. If you are on the fence about using it...give it a try. The customer service is top notch. You’ll agree it was worth it.


    Used OHW for the first time today and I got more done today than I did all week. This stuff is idiot proof (ask me how I know).


    We recently ordered and tried your product and we were very impressed with the quality. Our painters and hydro coaters are in love. The colors are vibrant and coat wonderfully. We look forward to a long business relationship.


    OHW + Cerakote @ SEMA

    These are the parts (pictured above) with One Hit Wonder that we did for SEMA. These were part of Cerakote's display. They had us do some Camaro plenum covers using their new ceramic clear coats over hydrodip. By the way, love the product! Will be ordering more soon.


    This Stuff is Insane

    I finally got a chance to use your clear coat...this stuff is insane!!! I did a speed shape and a helmet I am doing for a friend (the helmet was pretty rough (roller derby) and I used this crappy film so its not the best looking job but a good practice on round items) as a test and I cannot believe how flat and "wet" this is!!!! It layed on like glass. It looks like I dipped them in a 1/4" thick coating of polyeurethane. I am very new to this and honestly this is the first time I have even shot clear from a gun and I can’t be any happier!!!! I can’t wait to see what this looks like buffed out!!! Thank you!!!!!!


    I'm Sold

    I'm not sure but this may be a first. I recently painted my fiberglass airboat hull and aluminum rudders with One Hit Wonder Graphite (and finished with OHW Clear of course). I also used OHW to dip the seat shells as well...I gotta say I am very impressed. The hull stood up to a day of running the grass and the rudders don’t have a single ding from the prop blowing on them for several hours. I'm way past sold on OHW now.

    B. WISE

    I will be doing a lot of dipping (in my new shop) and there will be only one paint in it...yours. I thank you so much for being there for people like me. I feel bad I can’t buy more than I do but I hope that will change. I’ve trolled the forums for two years now and I am totally sold on OHW and their staff. Every time I open a package from you I think "they cant be makin much on this" because of the great packaging and product. Thanks so much! You have a loyal customer in Cornish, Utah!

    B. OLSEN

    I have been using OHW paints for going on 1 year and have had nothing but success since day one!


    I use it along with my standard automotive paints and I like to use the OHW paint the most. It sticks to everything and covers very well. I love the stuff!


    OHW lays down nice and is very user friendly. The customer service is very professional. When you get a call from the guy who owns the joint just to make sure you are getting what you want, that says a lot. Thank you and good luck with your insight and determination in producing such great products.


    Love this Stuff!

    OHW paint and clear. Love this stuff!


    Trust No Other Paint

    Thought I would share this awesome shotgun done by T2 Innovations using OHW Base & Clear. I trust no other paint to meet the durability requirements for a firearm.


    Great Stuff + Better People

    A DJ equipment box painted and cleared with all OHW products. Great stuff and even better people.


    I started using One Hit Wonder as an attempt to consolidate different paint types, promoters, primers, etc...I really like the coverage, and the adhesion properties, but I also like the level of communication and service that they provide. If you have any painting skill whatsoever you will love OHW. After the first 5 seconds of spraying it you will be able to feel it out and get a handle on it. I love the stuff. It covers well and sticks great. And again, I can't say enough about the way they will treat you as a customer. 


    OHW is our go-to product!!


    Just wanna say thanks a lot. OHW has the best service that I have dealt with and the paint really is a wonder. Can't wait to try the candy clears. Thanks very much.


    Best paint ever!!!


    Stuck Like Glue

    I just wanted to say thank you. I used the new intercoat clear metallic over powdercoat and it stuck like glue and really made the project pop in the sunlight.


    Awesome Product

    Shout out to the folks at OHW, Have had this personal project sitting on the shelf for couple months painted, other items took priority. Had the time yesterday to dip it, I have to admit I was concerned it would not dip out after being painted for so long, but it dipped out fine in one hit . You guys have an awesome product thanks OHW.


    Thanks OHW!!!

    Sharing my experience with OHW hydrographic paint, inner coat clear and clear coat. Awesome products and allowed paint, dip, art work and clear on the weekends over 4 months time! Can't do that with other systems! Thanks OHW!!!


    Sprays flat, hangs hard and is well behaved.


    Have made a few orders and always been pleased. Last order had a hiccup, sent a message late Saturday night and already rectified first thing this morning. I only do this as a hobby and for friends but this is the kind of service that keeps 100% of my hydrodip paint business. Thanks for the high quality paint and the exceptional customer service. I know I am small potatoes in your business but you will have every dollar of my paint purchases!


    OHW is #1 top product!

    H. PAGE

    I have only been using OHW for just a little while however it has proven to be one of, if not the best, base coat I have ever used.
    In fact I like it so good I just ordered a spray gun from them and I am going to start to use it exclusively.

    J. CLAPP

    Best paint out there for sure.

    R. PEACE

    An Alternative to Powder Coating

    I live in a heavy oilfield area and I had an opportunity to do a bunch of fire extinguisher stands for a refinery. I was not setup to powder coat, So I called OHW PAINT and we discussed options [to add their 2K Clear Hardener/Activator] to One Hit Wonder Paint to make it chemical resistant and tough like powder coating. I followed their direction and I had to know for sure after the curing time so I took a sample and threw it in a parts washer for 7 days (cuz I'm not going to push an option I'm not sure of)! I then removed it and went to work on it with a hammer to see if their claims were true. Well let me tell you they are. I then offered the same test up to the customer who then took it in front of their board and they brought me a bunch of work as a result. Moral of this story is OHW knows their stuff! I have tried to shop local and the cost kills me plus I have an extra step. These are great people great prices and an amazing product!!


    I Can't Rave Enough

    I can't possibly remember all the good that I learned from taking the [OHW Paint + Dip] class, but I can tell you that it made me sooooo much better at my occupation. Not only did Jason [OHW Instructor] take the time to make sure everyone knew exactly what they were doing, he also explained why it needed to be done that way, and what would happen if it wasn't. He was more informative than I ever could have imagined. He also gave us several "trade secrets" that he's learned over the past 30 years. Best teacher by far. I've taken other "courses", even more expensive ones, but I'll tell you first hand I wish I would've waited and found out about OHW sooner! Outstanding people, outstanding product, what more could you ask for? I'll tell you this, and if this doesn't prove it to you then nothing will. I was having a problem with a specific item in my shop. Not only did JJ try to help me with it, he got me to bring it to the class and we addressed it, and solved it there. I'm telling you I can't rave enough about these guys. Sorry for the long post, but others out there need to know how great this company is and don't even think twice about doing your business with them. I'm including a pic of the item I had such trouble with. Thanks again guys, much love!


    I wanted to personally thank you for all the help that you have given since I started my business. I couldn't have done it without you guys. I really appreciate your willingness to give advice and tips when I need them.


    The OHW paint and clear I got from you last week is awesome. The metallic silver is about the easiest silver I have ever used.


    Another little story of how well OHW worksI dipped an AR-15 in camo, I then wanted to change the gas block after dimpling and Loctite. I could not get the block off and used a small torch to expand the metal knowing this would destroy my paint, even with a torch OHW held up and no damage!


    Love your paints!!


    OHW is the only paint I use and I just love it!! OHW is the BEST!!!


    50 MPH Winds...

    You want to see a testament to the strength of your clear? We had 50 mph winds and it pretty much destroyed our sign that we cleared with OHW about 2 years ago. Bent it back...but no cracks [in the paint] even after being out in the elements 24/7. Great product as always.


    Makes My Dips FLAWLESS

    I make vaping devices, known as mods, from 3D printed plastics and stabilized wood. Your paint is an invaluable addition to our products! I just got my first 2 cans today and OMFG the paint is amazing! Not only does it make my dips FLAWLESS but even the paint alone is PERFECT. I’m really digging this Graphite! Don’t change a damn thing!!! I’ll be ordering more before the weekend!


    3 Years and Counting

    I wanted to share some valve covers on a drag car I painted with One Hit Wonder Black, dipped and cleared with OHW 2K Gloss. I did this over 3 years ago and he has not had one issue. He drives almost everyday.


    Used this paint for the first time today, man was I impressed, saved me the time & money for primer and base coat. Sprayed it on my project, it came out outstanding. Very pleased, thanks guys.


    This is the best paint out there.

    S. PAULK

    So I've had the pleasure of using your metallic silver metallic synergy green and metallic blue and I f&$@ing love them I'll be ordering more next week....

    R. ORREN

    Love this paint and I use for a lot more than just hydrographics.


    Best one-step aerosol base paint out there!!

    T. HAGY

    Customers Love It

    I love OHW paint and my customers love it as well.


    So Much Easier

    Thanks OHW!! You made our last project so much easier!!


    Improved Dipping Quality

    I absolutely love this paint alone... But by far this paint has done more for my dipping quality than any other paint I've ever tried.


    I’ve been using this paint on engine parts (valve covers, intakes, oil pans) works great, no heat issues. Great paint.

    J. HYDER

    Love OHW!!!!!


    We have been using your products for about a year and love them. As a small business it is important to have a product that produces consistent and repeatable results, and stands up to the abuse of daily life.


    OHW is all we use for clear and 95% of our paint. We will even use your paint as a base for other paint brands when the customer asked for a custom color because it holds hard.


    Fast + Efficient

    OHW is an awesome product! It’s very fast and efficient.


    Ink Drink

    Got a chance to try out the new Ink Drink activator this weekend. It seems to work real good. Tested on a couple of speed shapes, then went on to do these sunglasses. A quick blast in the blast cabinet, One Hit Wonder base paint, TWN film, Ink Drink activator, gloss clear and they are ready to wear.


    Easy + Fast

    Loving the [One Hit Wonder] paint. Dries fast and is easy to work with. Here are some pictures of the latest project. Work with the manufacturer.


    Great paint. Only paint I will use.


    Just to prove this is such an easy paint to use I was doing a production run and had an employee that had never touched an hvlp gun before. I set it up for him and he sprayed 400 pcs as I was dipping. Zero issues, just goes to show this paint is easy to use! I LOVE it!!!!


    No dipping project complete without OHW.


    We have been using OHW on Golf Cart bodies using OWH Application Guide instructions and this paint is awesome. The amount of time and money you save by not having to flame, treat, and prime is amazing. They answer your questions and ship out lighting fast. Having a long dip window is also a great advantage! Just don't try to shoot it like if it was filler primer.  Thanks OHW I am hooked.


    Ink Drink

    I would also recommend the new Ink Drink, first 10 dips ever with this activator and not a single activator related issue!


    Big Time Saver

    Been using your paints for about a year. They are great and are a big time saver. You have excellent customer service too! Thanks!


    Tossed Around

    I dip these aluminum panes (pictured below) that get CNC routed as signs. I haven't had any issues or returns and they get tossed around pretty good. I go straight to the aluminum with OHW and clear it with just a flat.