Metallic Intercoat is a transparent One Hit Wonder basecoat with metallic flake that can be used over existing paint to make any base color appear metallic.  Use it under or over your film/dip depending on your desired effect.

This is not a clear coat and does not require a separate activator.

Watch the video here: 

Available in Aerosol, Quart and Gallon Size (gallons are shipped in 4 quart containers).  Metallic Intercoat is also available as part of our 12 for $12 aerosol deal.


One Hit Wonder Paint is a ready-to-spray basecoat formulated specifically for the hydrographic process. One Hit Wonder's unique formula eliminates the need to add reducers, apply separate primers or adhesion promoters. You simply degrease, then scuff, apply One Hit Wonder and dip.


  • Ready-to-Spray
  • Will Not Rust Metal
  • Will Not Freeze in Cold Weather
  • Exceptional Coverage
  • 18 Month Dip Window
  • Chemically Bonds with Film and Clear Coat
  • Improved Formula with Superior Activator Resistance (paint does not go soft after dipping)
  • Direct to Metal, Plastic*, Fiberglass, Wood, Bone, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Glass, Previously Painted Parts and More 


*HDPE plastic require flame treatment before degrease and scuff.