A beautiful collection of One Hit Wonder basecoat color samples in a 5" x 2" fan deck.  Each card has been sprayed (not printed) to give you the truest color.  All metallics have been gloss clear coated to better show the metallic sparkle.

FREE SHIPPING if purchased on its own.

Colors included: Black, White, Gray/Typhon, Biscuit, Light Tan, Medium Tan, Dark Tan, Army Green, Light Army Green, Red, Maroon, Pink, Blue, Robins Egg Blue, Seafood, Yellow, Brite Green, John Deere Green, Brite Purple, Brite Blue, Brite Sky Blue, Brite Yellow, Brite Red, Brite Orange, Brite Pink, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, Metallic Graphite, Metallic Brite Gold, Metallic Synergy Green, Metallic Brite Pink, Metallic Plum Crazy, Metallic Brite Blue, Metallic Brite Sky Blue, Metallic Rose Gold, OHW Match Multicam, OHW Match Atacs & OHW Match Muddy Girl

Colors not included: OHW Match Kings Shadow, Metallic Copper 

PLEASE NOTE! New release colors will be available for single purchase to add to your swatch book.