From the makers of One Hit Wonder Paint...introducing INK DRINK® Hydrographic Film Activator in an easy to use aerosol.

Compatible with most films on the market, Ink Drink maintains the richness and color vibrancy of your film and activates most films with a single pass (one coat).  With a slower evaporation rate, Ink Drink gives you ample time to dip bigger parts without rushing to activate large pieces of film.  

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WHY OUR AEROSOL WORKS BETTER: Most aerosol activators on the market contain the same formula as their quart counterparts.  As a result, the propellant and reducers in the aerosol dilute and weaken the activator. Which means if you are using most other aerosol activators, you will find yourself applying coat, after coat, after coat (sometimes up to 6 coats or more) just to activate your film. 

We took a different approach.  We built an activator that accounts for the propellant and reducers in the aerosol so you can activate your film with one pass (sometimes 2 depending on the ink levels).  We also swapped out the nozzle in favor of a bigger aperture to provide greater volume and a wider fan (about 20% bigger than an average aerosol) to provide even more coverage.

We believe you should not have to compromise quality just because you are using an aerosol.  So we decided to build the best aerosol activator on the market.


  • Easy to Use
  • Compatible with Most Films
  • Activates Most Films in Single Pass/One Coat
  • Maintains Richness of Film Colors
  • Slow Evaporation Time/Easier to Dip Larger Pieces

DIRECTIONS FOR AEROSOL USE: To apply activator, turn the spray can horizontally, and using a pass of approximately 12” per second, apply activator with the nozzle fully depressed, 12” from the water. The water should gently ripple. Wait approximately 10-20 seconds for the film to fully activate before dipping. For heavier ink films, an additional pass may be needed. Make the second pass the opposite direction of the first, similar to a tic-tac-toe pattern.