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From the makes of One Hit Wonder Paint...introducing INK DRINK® Hydrographic Film Activator an easy to use film activator, compatible with most films on the market.

Available in Quarts and Gallons, Ink Drink maintain the richness and color vibrancy of your film without an aggressive smell.  Ink Drink activates most films with a single pass (one coat) and with a slower evaporation rate, Ink Drink gives you ample time to dip bigger parts without rushing to activate large pieces of film.  


  • Easy to Use
  • For use with LVLP or HVLP Spray Guns
  • Compatible with Most Films
  • Activates Most Films in Single Pass/One Coat
  • Maintains Richness of Film Colors
  • Slow Evaporation Time/Easier to Dip Larger Pieces
  • No Aggressive Smell

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To apply activator with a spray gun, set gun pressure between 10-15 psi with the trigger in, and fan fully out. Using a medium pass of approx. 12” per second, apply activator with the trigger fully depressed, between 12” and 18” from the water. The water should gently ripple. Wait approx. 10-20 seconds for the film to fully activate before dipping. For heavier ink films, an additional pass may be needed. Make the second pass the opposite direction of the first, similar to a tic-tac-toe pattern.