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What is One Hit Wonder paint?
One Hit Wonder is a solvent-based paint formulated specifically for the hydrographic industry.  It is a primer, adhesion promoter and basecoat in one.


What is One Hit Wonder paint "2.0"?
In March 2016 we updated the One Hit Wonder formula to be more resistant to activator (no more soft/tacky paint).  All One Hit Wonder paint purchased after March 28, 2016 is the new 2.0 formula.


I've seen two different paint can labels, what gives?
In March 2017 we retired the colorful spaceman design featured on the One Hit Wonder hydrographic paint can and transitioned into a new cobra design.  The paint formula is still the same.  Read about it here.


Who makes One Hit Wonder?
One Hit Wonder is mixed and canned in our own in-house mixing facility in Georgia, USA using the finest materials and deepest pigments available.

If I use One Hit Wonder, do I need to apply an additional basecoat?
No, One Hit Wonder is your primer, adhesion promoter and basecoat in one.  However, if there is a specific color that One Hit Wonder is currently not available in, then it can be used as a primer.  One Hit Wonder will accept both solvent and water-based paints over it.

So, I don’t need a primer or adhesion promoter if I use One Hit Wonder?
That’s right.  One Hit Wonder is all you need before you dip.

Is One Hit Wonder sprayable right from the can?
Yes!  Those using an airbush may add a little reducer because of the small tip size. One Hit Wonder has been designed with very dense resins, binders and pigments. Within a day or two, these can settle at the bottom of the can as a thick paste. It is CRUCIAL that you stir OHW thoroughly before spraying, in order to achieve maximum potential.

Do I need to prep my part before applying One Hit Wonder?
Like all proper paint applications, One Hit Wonder requires a clean surface to adhere to.  Our Application Guide is a simple step by step that shows you the right degreaser and cloths to use to prep your part for the best results.  You can also purchase a complete Prep Kit here.

Can One Hit Wonder be sprayed directly to Plastic? Metal? Stainless Steel? Chrome? Wood? Bone? Fiberglass?
Yes, just degrease, scuff, and tack cloth.  HDPE plastics require flame treatment before degrease and scuff.  Open grained woods should be sealed first to prevent water entry and future warping.

Can One Hit Wonder be sprayed directly to glass?
Yes, just degrease, media blast, and tack cloth.

Can One Hit Wonder be sprayed over other paints?
As long as the paints are dry, and free from silicone or oily residues and contaminants, you should be able to degrease, scuff, tack cloth, and spray.

Can One Hit Wonder be used as a primer for other paints?
Yes, if there is a specific color that One Hit Wonder is currently not available in, then it can be used as a primer.  One Hit Wonder will accept both solvent and water-based paints over it.

How do I apply One Hit Wonder?
One Hit Wonder paint is designed to spray using a 1.3-1.4 tip @ 22 PSI (unless using our aerosol).  For a simple step-by-step please download the Application Guide found here.

How much time do I have to dip a part after it’s painted with One Hit Wonder?
Unlike most solvent-based paints that require you to dip within 8 hours of application, One Hit Wonder has an 18-month dipping window.

How long can the part remain “uncleared” after dipping?
We have tested a successful 14 day period between dipping and applying clear coat.

What other clear coats will work with One Hit Wonder?
In addition to our One Hit Wonder clear coats, most professional grade automotive 2 part clears will work fine with One Hit Wonder paint. 

What is the temerature threshold for One Hit Wonder?
OHW has been tested up to 400 degrees and can be used for valve covers and engine parts, as long as it is not the hot side of a turbo or an exhaust header you'll be ok. 

What do I do with leftovers? How do I clean my spray gun?
Pour any leftover paint back into the can and reseal.  You can use acetone or any inexpensive lacquer thinner to clean your spray gun.

How long is the shelf life of One Hit Wonder?
As long as it’s kept in a sealed can, indefinite.

Can I mix One Hit Wonder colors?
Absolutely!  We’ve even created a Mix Kit ratio sheet with formulas to help you create some of the more popular One Hit Wonder colors.  Please note that these formulas are intended for One Hit Wonder paints only.  You can purchase the entire Mix Kit here. 

Can you create a custom mixed One Hit Wonder color?
Yes. Besides fluorescents, we can mix a 1 quart minimum if you send us a swatch. There is no custom mix fee. 

Do you have online videos?
We sure do.  Find our YouTube channel here and other videos on our website here.

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