One Hit Wonder Paint is a ready-to-spray basecoat formulated specifically for the hydrographic process. One Hit Wonder's unique formula eliminates the need to add reducers, apply separate primers or adhesion promoters. You simply degrease, then scuff, apply One Hit Wonder and dip.

Gallon size ships in 4 quart containers.

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It’s been rumored that OHW’s adhesion is strong enough to "stick to butter". We haven't tested that, but we can tell you that OHW provides superior adhesion to virtually all substrates including plastics and metals. Not only does it stick like no other paint you’ve seen, OHW allows clear coat to etch into it creating one bonded element instead of separate, peel-able layers.

Best known as a “hydrographic paint” because of it’s long dip window and activator resistance, OHW is also popular with many car, bike and boat painters who “skip the dip” and just lay the clear on top with stunning results.

Oh, and, did we mention no primer needed? No primer needed.

Made in the USA with the finest materials and deepest pigments available.

  • Ready-to-Spray
  • No Primer, Reducer or Adhesion Promoter Needed
  • Solvent Based
  • Will Not Rust Metal
  • Will Not Freeze in Cold Weather
  • Exceptional Coverage
  • 18 Month Dip Window
  • Chemically Bonds with Film and Clear Coat
  • Improved Formula with Superior Activator Resistance (paint does not go soft after dipping)
  • Direct to Metal, Plastic*, Fiberglass, Wood, Bone, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Glass (media blast is best), Previously Painted Parts and More
  • Heat tested up to 400 degrees

(* HDPE plastic require flame treatment before degrease and scuff.)

Since water transfer film is semi-transparent, pick a paint color that compliments your film. Please note that you can mix different One Hit Wonder colors to create your own variations. We recommend keeping brites with brites.

Aerosol: Shake well for 1-2 mintues. Spray on paper for 1-2 seconds to empty filler tube and release propellant. Apply paint about 8” from surface with light, even coats and a 2” overlap. When you are finished painting, to prevent clogs, hold the aerosol can upside-down and spray until clear gas appears. This will work for Standard Clear Coat aerosols as well.

Spray Gun: Stir paint well. Strain paint into spray gun using a disposable mesh paint filter. Set gun pressure to around 22 psi.. Using a 1.3 or 1.4 tip, apply a coat of One Hit Wonder. If part is not fully covered apply a second coat after 5-10 minutes or once the first coat is dry to the touch.

Please note, One Hit Wonder® requires a top protective clear coat.

A Step-by-step application guide is included with each order.

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